Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Winter Beach Volleyball at American Beach

When is the next evaluation for Winter Beach Elite Teams?
Next Winter Beach Elite evaluation dates – Doheny State Beach, courts 1-4. NO COST.
Saturday, November 11: 2:00-5:00pm
Monday, November 13: 3:30-5:15pm
Tuesday, November 14: 3:30-5:15pm
Wednesday, November 15, 3:30-5:15pm
Saturday, November 18: 2:00-3:30pm

Should I register now, or wait for the evaluation date?

  • If you know you’re going to train with us this winter whether or not you’re on a Winter Beach Elite team, register now. Spots are limited due to court availability.  
  • The cost for Beach Club is $995 for 3 days/week through February 24, 2017.
  • If you make a Winter Beach Elite team, you’ll then have an additional cost of $600 for the competitions, plus the uniform cost.
  • If you are coming to the evaluation but have not registered, email to let us know at

Is there a tryout fee? Is registration required?
No. Just show up. There’s a form to sign when you arrive.

Is this for girls, boys, what age?
Winter Beach Training & Play (Beach Club) is male AND female, ages 12-22. Winter Beach Elite Teams are female only, ages 12-18. There are boys’ tourneys in the winter. There MAY be a boys WBE team but we're waiting for tournament info. 

Do I have to wait to sign up until I know if I’ve made a Winter Elite Team?
No. Space is limited, so either way, you can register now for winter-select “3 days/week” option. If you make a Winter Elite Team, there will be additional costs for uniform & competitions. More details are below.  SIGN UP NOW

What is the difference between Winter Beach Elite Teams and Winter Training & Play (Beach Club)?
Winter Beach Elite Teams:

  • Train 3 days/week
  • Compete in 5 to 6 competitions

Winter Training & Play (Beach Club)

  • Train 1, 2 or 3 days/week
  • Compete in tournaments of their own choosing. We assist in finding partners. ​

Will this help me make the high school indoor team?
YES, YES, YES. We have TONS of testimonials saying that very thing. Tons. Beach improves indoor. You touch the ball on every play, you use all 6 skills, you get stronger, quicker, more explosive, better cross-court vision. Normally we don’t want to set expectations too high. We can’t guarantee you’ll make the indoor team. But we guarantee you’ll get a LOT better. Top high school, club, college & all-star teams across Orange County are peppered with athletes who’ve trained at American Beach.

Do I have to come to evaluations if I am only doing Winter Training & Play (Beach Club)?
NO. If you know you aren’t able to commit to a Winter Elite team, you can go ahead and register. BUT, we encourage you to come to evaluations.

Are there opportunities to play games during the winter, if you aren't on the elite teams?
YES. There are lots of fun winter beach volleyball tournaments if you aren’t on a Winter Elite Team. We can help you find partners. (BOYS: Currently there are winter tourneys for 14U boys, but only limited tourneys for 15+ boys & men. That will change soon).

Am I skilled enough to make the team?
There will be multiple teams. If you don't get invited onto a Winter Beach Elite Team, we encourage you to register for Winter Training & Play aka Beach Club. You’ll love it and learn the game, and you can go as far in this sport as you put in the effort. We have many strong players who will only be doing Beach Club in winter, due to other commitments.

What if I don’t get invited onto a team?
We'll make as many teams as we can. If not placed on a team initially, we encourage you to register for Winter Training & Play aka Beach Club. You’ll love it and learn the game, and you can go as far in this sport as you put in the effort.

When will you form teams?
We’ll continue to form teams through December 3.  There may be movement between teams (Elite 1, 2, 3, etc) until the teams are finalized and competitions begin.

Are some athletes now only playing beach?

Yes. One of our first girls to go full-time beach currently plays for UCLA. Just two years later, it’s not becoming common. There are LOTS of tournaments all winter/spring/summer/fall now. We had one athlete play 50 tournaments this spring/summer alone.

Are some athletes playing both beach club and indoor club?
YES. Some athletes do both. 5 of my own children did/do both. Beach is a lot of fun. It also really helps indoor skills and conditioning. But, it’s a lot of time. It has to be their passion and desire.

I can’t make every practice or competition due to other conflicts. Should I play?
Yes, IF you will be there enough to be competitive and enjoy it. If you’re missing due to indoor volleyball, that’s ok because you’re still getting a workout on those days. It will be VERY important for you to communicate well in advance if you won’t make a competition, so we don’t partner you with someone for that competition.

Can we be LATE? It’s hard to get from school to beach by 3:30pm.
YES. It’s ok to come late. We have athletes come from RSM, San Diego, Temecula, North OC, Long Beach & LA. When late, athletes warm up and then join right in with the current game/skill. During daylight savings we go 4-6p due to school, but in winter, we have to go 3:30-5:15p to have daylight. Get there when you can and jump right in when you arrive.

What about BOYS/Young Men?
YES. We have had boys from the beginning. Many of them are playing in college now. Our Winter Beach Elite Teams will not have boys, but Beach Club will. One of the huge benefits at American Beach is that our top girls sometimes train against boys, and sometimes on the higher net. As a direct result, they get to indoor club or college and face the hardest hitting women with confidence, because those women don’t hit as hard as the young men they’ve faced regularly at American Beach.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes. If the session is full, email us to request to be put on the waiting list. We’ll also email you about future sessions.

My athlete can’t play Sundays. Can they still play on an Elite team?
Yes. We’ll have extra athletes available to fill in.
Note: We regularly ask the various league & tournament directors to avoid Sundays. But, facility availability and conflicts with indoor limit their ability to put it all on Saturdays.

Should I play Winter Beach Elite, or Winter Training & Play aka Beach Club?
If you have the time and are passionate, try out for Elite. Nothing to lose. If you don’t get placed on a team, you still can do Beach Club and choose your own tournaments.
If you don’t have enough time to commit to a Winter Elite Team, do Beach Club, and play as many tournaments as you can. We’ll help you find partners.

Should I play beach club, indoor club or both?
My 6 kids all do both. Many days they go straight from beach to indoor, eating on the way. And all were in a position to consider Harvard (my alma mater-sadly so far none of them have chosen Harvard).  But I can’t answer for someone else. It has to be your passion. And it means sacrificing other options. We want passionate athletes. Do both ONLY if you really want to and can still pursue your studies wholeheartedly.

Will it conflict with indoor tournament schedule?
Possibly. We try to minimize conflicts with indoor.  There are alternate uncoached tournaments you can play if you miss due to a conflict.

Which days will I train?
We train Monday through Thursday & Saturday in the winter.

2017-2018 WEEKLY SCHEDULE - 2 weekdays practices & 1 weekend match or practice

  • HIGH SCHOOL: Mon/Wed 3:30-5:15 & Sat 2:00-3:45
  • Middle School, also High School Beginner: Tue/Thu/Sat 3:30-5:15
  • OFF: 11/22-25, 12/23-31

If we are unable to fit your schedule, we can refund your money.

Can I choose the days?
For Beach Elite teams, the schedule will be set, but if you can’t make those days, it will probably be possible to come on alternate days.
For Beach Club, you can probably pick the days, depending on how full we are. In the past, that has worked. If we get too full, it won’t work. If we can’t make it work for your schedule, we’ll refund.

What is the cost? - See the Home Page 

How many teams are there?
We anticipate a Winter Beach Elite 1, Winter Beach Elite 2, for each age group. Everyone will be assigned to a team and partnered for tourneys. 

Weather/Rain (training, makeups, refunds)
We train in the rain, but not lightning
If you miss a training day, you can make it up another day
Our pricing anticipates missed days due to weather. We can’t refund because our costs are fixed.